About Us

We are Jenny and Mark.

When we are at home we are in Moe, Victoria, Australia. When we’re not at home we could be just about anywhere else on mainland Australia.

We love getting away into the outback, and other places, with our car and camper.  Whenever we are out and about we’ll update this site when we have some sort of phone coverage / internet access.

Generally we are able to be contacted at mark_w_forsyth@outlook.com or use our Contact Us page. Of course if we don’t have internet access it could take a while for us to get back to you.

And of course, lastly, if you like our web site please share it far and wide. We have put buttons at the bottom of every page to share to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Reddit. An RSS feed is available for the RSS app of your choice on Windows, iPhone or Android – just get the app from the relevant app store. We’ve also put up a subscribe page so you can receive email alerts whenever new content is posted. The subscribe button is right near the RSS button on the right hand side of every page.