Coming to grips with Rank Math

Rank Math

In a previous post I mentioned Yoast and that I had it working. Well I sort of did but I found it to be not really to my liking. Whilst idly reading posts in a Google Analytics Facebook group I stumbled a post about theĀ Rank Math SEO plugin so I thought I’d do a bit more reading and see what the go is. I liked what I saw so I went ahead and got rid of Yoast and downloaded and installed the Rank Math plugin. It seemed a lot easier and less cryptic to me so I decided to go for broke with it. Configuring it was a breeze and soon I had it telling me what I should do to this site to enhance my search results.

I still had one problem though. Sitemaps. The I read something on the Rank Math web site about Googles new Indexing API and of course I just had to try it out didn’t I. Goodbye sitemap issues.

I just followed the Rank Math instructions and it all worked OK apart from a couple of user errors that were easily fixed by re-reading the documentation and carefully following it.

Since installing the Rank Math and the Instant Indexing plugins a few hours ago I’ve already had this site indexed and there are results already apparent in the google search results. Now I have to go through all my posts and pages and follow the advice that’s in the Rank Math documentation regarding improving the sites SEO. This’ll keep me occupied for a while. With the COVID-19 lock down still in force time is something I have an excess of so I may as well make use of some of it playing around here.

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