So what’s happening with the big trip

At this juncture a big fat nothing

So here we are still stuck at home. The borders are all closed doe to COVID-19 so we can’t leave Victoria unless we either have a permit or are willing to quarantine ourselves in a state government mandated facility which could be rather expensive. That’s not an option for us so we’re stuck at home.

There are only four reasons that we can go past our front gate – shopping for essentials, medical reasons, exercise or to work if working from home isn’t an option. That means that scooting off for a week or two into a National Park or a caravan park somewhere isn’t an option.

I short we’re stuck at home going stir crazy.

The camper is serviced and all we need to do is to fill it up with bedding, food, water and a couple of containers of fuel and go.

We’ve taken the opportunity to rebuild the gearbox of the car so it’s loafing around with its gearbox in bits on the floor. Getting a full rebuild kit is a problem as it needs to come from Germany and has thus far taken about three weeks and it still hasn’t left Germany. It only weighs a couple of kilograms and is about the size of a shoe box.

So what are we doing

Again, not very much.

We’re doing our best to look after our mental and physical health. We are both heartily sick and tired of this “lockdown ” caper and the indefinite postponement of the trip of a lifetime. However, we do what we can and look forward to the time when the end is in sight and we can get going. It does look like we’re in it for the long haul though.

We’ve been keeping up with all of the COVID-19 developments including listening to the daily press conferences by our various government leaders in the hope that restrictions will be eased a bit so that we can go¬†somewhere – anywhere will do at this stage.

While the car is bits we can’t even drag the camper out of the garage to set it up in the driveway and pretend that we’re out camping.

As well as waiting to get the bits for the car I’ve been playing around with the back end of this web site and trying to get it to figure more in Google’s search results. Of course, that’d be helped if I had more content to post. I’m sure people don’t want to read endless posts saying that we’re still in lock down and that we aren’t going anywhere ant time soon.

I’ve been playing around with a few other bits and pieces on the Raspberry Pi as well as looking around for TV shows and movies to download although we’ve still got a number of unwatched movies to go through.

At least our football teams are going OK-ish in this truncated mini series of a footy season even if the games are all lacklustre affairs.

That’s it from me. Seeing as I’ve been slack and it’s lunch time I’m off to do the dishes and get a sandwich before we turn the TV on and watch The Chase.

So how do we get out of this mess

Well, we can wait until the dust settles and we can move to a less restricted situation. Or, we can hope that someone, somewhere, comes up with a workable vaccine so we can at least feel safe-ish.



One thought on “So what’s happening with the big trip”

  1. Sorry that you are locked down, Mark. I sort of know the feeling and it isn’t good! Hang in there. It will be get better.
    I, for one, love reading about your travels. Also, the photos that you post are very interesting. Keep it up!

    Take care!

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