Photo Albums and Cameras

Photo albums

Here we have some photo albums. These albums will always be in a state of change as new photos and albums get added. Enjoy.

Random Sunsets

Car and Camper

Random Travel Tics

Photos from my drone

The Big Trip

Cameras and photo storage

Like most nomads we have a slew of cameras that we take with us. We have an Olympus E-410 digital SLR with three lenses all Olympus Digital Zuiko – a 70mm – 300mm f4 -f5.6 zoom, a 40mm to 150mm f4 – f5.6 zoom and a 14mm – 42mm f3.5 – f5.6 zoom. Also along for the ride we have a couple of small compacts – an Olympus FE-270 and a slightly, very slightly, less compact  Fujifilm FinePix A900.

Needless to say, we both have mobile phones (Apple iPhone 11) which have competent cameras.

As well as that lot we have a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced  drone which has a pretty damn good camera. For the drone we have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8″ which gets used as a camera, the view finder for the drone and occasionally for uploading photos to our cloud storage.

We both also take along a Windows tablets which both have cameras built in, albeit not great quality. My tablet gets used for maintaining and updating this web site as well as for transferring our photos to a cloud service and Jenny uses hers for her writing.

Of course each camera uses a different type of memory card. The E-410 requires either a CF card or an xD Picture Card, the compact Olympus wants an xD Picture Card, The FinePix wants an SD card but can use a MicroSD card with an adapter, the drone wants a high performance MicroSD card and the tablets want MicroSD cards. Needless to say we take a whole heap of various camera cards with us.

Trying to wrangle all of our photos is a bit of a challenge. I take a four port USB hub and a 1TB (Terra Byte) SSD (Solid State Drive) and using my Windows table copy the card contents to the SSD when the cards get a bit full. Once the copying is done I then upload the photos to our cloud storage. Because the cloud is Apple iCloud we have no problems getting the phone photos copied – our phones are set to do that automatically.

We have the E-410 and the drone set to record the RAW images – DNG for the drone and ORF for the E-410. Everything else we have set to record at the highest quality possible.

We do very little post processing apart from a bit of resizing for this site and a bit of cropping. I commonly use a couple of packages – Darkroom and G.I.M.P.. For getting images suitable for this site I use an iPhone utility called BIRU-WP which resizes, gathers the location from the EXIF data and uploads the image to the media section here. Dead useful. At the end of the rest of the messing around I can select all the photos and leave the phone to do the rest. Neat, huh.

Now all we have to do is to remember to use the cameras we have. We have disgustingly few photos from our trips. We tend to take in the sights without recording them as much as we would like. It goes without saying that our photographic skills could use a bit of work too.