Raspberry Pi 4 stuff.

This a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB running Apache2, MySQL, WordPress, PHP and some other stuff.

Got LAMP installed along with phpmyadmin and all is running perfectly – in fact it is serving up this site. The SD card has had the /root partition split off onto a Sandisk 500GB SSD so that I have some room for all of my “stuff”.

In the future there will inevitably be more storage added. I already have all our movies and videos on the SSD and with VLC they play well on our TV. We’ve already had a couple of binge watching sessions. The temp gets up to about 70 or 75 deg C so a bit of cooling could be required.

All I need now is a case of some sort for it that makes it look “pretty” as well as a TV card which won’t be available until Jan 2020.

All in all what a mighty little machine the Pi is.

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