Located in Moe Victoria, Australia in grid square QF31dt. Moe is located about 130km’s south east of Melbourne in the Latrobe Valley in South and West Gippsland.

My station consists of an Elecraft KX3 (serial 1675) with all the trimmings – KX3, Roofing Filter, 2 metre module, ATU and charger/real time clock. I also have a KXPA100 (0530) with inbuilt ATU and a PX3 (233).

My antenna is a 43 foot vertical with a few counterpoise wires with¬† an LDG RT/RC 100 at the base. I wish I could have a tower with a Yagi but as we are renters that’s not an option. On the boundary of the property there’s a great big Eucalypt about 30 metres tall which will quite possibly be pressed into service for one end of a random sloper of some description.

I also have a Yaesu VX-7R, a Yaesu FRG100, a Yaesu FT-817 (non ND) and an old Eddystone EB35 MKII in perfect working order apart from a bit of deafness on FM.¬† Sooner or later I’ll get around to fixing that though. Of course I have sundry small portable receivers – mostly Sony.

When I get around to it I’ll put up a few photos – probably about when I get around to fixing the Eddystone.

One thought on “VK3KW”

  1. Mark,
    Spent time in many area of Australia. Last year in Sydney for NY. Not sure that will work again for a while. Years ago I was in Sydney and the MB dealer had a new G300D on the floor for 27K. Drooled over it, but no way to get it in the US legally.

    I operate the whole range of Yaesu Radios up to a 991A. Visited the Waverley ARS last year while I was in Sydney. Got friends scattered from the Great Ocean Road all the way up the east coast.

    Enjoy the hobby and nice web site. Hope we cross paths one day.


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