Moving the root partition.

This a summary of an article describing how to move the root partition found on the Raspberry Pi Forums .

Before you do anything do a “lsusb”without your external storage plugged in. Then plug in your external storage and do a “lsusb” again to make sure that your storage is going to work OK.

Before you start give a bit of thought as to how you want your storage partitioned. I just left my SSD as a single 500GB partition. In the future I can see that I’ll be adding more to house my collection of music and videos.

Anyway, without further ado, if you follow this guide  to the letter I’m quite sure you’ll have no problems.

2 thoughts on “Moving the root partition.”

  1. Question is: if I move the boot partition I get warnings telling me that this might make the system unbootable. Is there a way or a better order to perform this work with partitions, so as to minimize the risk of reboot? I should move the big partition and the root partition first, and then move the boot? or viceversa? or some other way?

    1. You don’t move the boot partition, you only move the root partition. The boot partition stays on the SD card.

      You could also use the usb-boot script which can be found here .

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