Whoops Pt. 2

After stumbling across this thread on myswag.org which has a reference to this I decided to have a look at my camper.

It would seem that the wheel is ONLY supported by the studs and makes it easy to see why the failure occurred. On the Land Rover the centre of the wheel is an annoyingly (when your changing wheels) tight fit over the hub. This means that the studs are only transmitting the force required to turn the wheel and not the forces generated by bouncing around on rough roads. The camper on the other hand has only the studs to support the forces generated by the crashing and banging over the corrugations and stones of the outback. After reading the referenced thread I reckon this is a failure of thinking in the design stages of the camper.

I’ve read and heard of this happening to other campers/caravans and some cars / utes / four wheel drives so perhaps this could be the root cause ?


This happened.

Oh dear. Not a good look.

As you can see the wheel studs have sheared off allowing the wheel to bounce off down the road. It was a combination of things that contributed to it. A VERY small bearing surface where wheel meets hub. A few hundred kilometres of REALLY bad roads. And possibly a bit of over tightening of the wheel nuts. Apparently it’s also more likely to happen with alloy wheels to. So keep everything clean, do not over tighten your wheel nuts and take it easy on really bad roads.