Radio and Raspberry Pi

I still haven’t got my radio set up but I’m working on it. Playing with a Pi seems to have taken precedence for the time being. The major obstacle is getting an antenna up and the co-ax run. All in good time though.

I was thinking that when I get the radio set up I’d like to play around with the Pi and KX3 hooked together. Maybe some FT-8, PSK, etc. Maybe one (or two) of those new fangled D-Star / C4FM dongles.

Seeing as I use my current Pi as a web server / storage box for movies and TV series and it will soon have a TV tuner HAT or dongle attached it lives right by the TV. If I’m going to use a Pi for radio stuff it looks like I’ll need to get another Pi.

There’s lots of thinking about it all in the works at the moment but very little actual action. Getting this web site happening the way I want it to seems to have taken priority. Of course other bits of life get in the way too.

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