So along came COVID-19 again

Here we go with Plan B

Well here we are in the midst of yet another COVID-19 induced lockdown. The South Australian border is closed to people from Victoria such as us which looks like it’ll stop us from doing the campground hosting in South Australia.

Currently it looks like our trip plan hasĀ gone to the dogs so, if that’s the case, we’ll to Darwin via New South Wales and Queensland. We have a couple of options here – to go via Cloncurry in Central QLD or via Townsvill and Cairns on the coast.

When we get to Darwin we’ll have a bit of a poke around Kakadu for a several days. While we’re in Darwin we’ll make our minds up as to which way we want to come home. Do we just head south back to Adelaide or do we head off to Broome as per the original plan ?

Moe to Darwin via Cloncurry in QLD

Moe to Darwin via Townsville and Cairns

That’s the current state of play

So far we have a slight preference for the Cloncurry option but this all hinges on where we can go due to COVID-19. With any sort of luck our original plan will be OK but we’re not holding our breath.

At the moment we’re pretty disheartened by the whole lockdown thing. This is our fourth lockdown and we are sick and tired of it and it seems like every time we get a plan together we are thwarted by things outside of our control.

As Jenny said the other night, “I’m sick of sitting around getting old”. We have a serviceable vehicle and camper just sitting there waiting for us to use them so we have decided that as soon as other states will let us in from Victoria we will be going in one direction or another.

More later.



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