And COVID-19 Strikes Again

Stuck in Woomera

Well the dreaded COVID-19 has caught up with us again.

We’re now stuck in the South Australian outback town of Woomera. There is nothing here apart from the remains of the original rocket range. The only shops are a small mini supermarket, a caravan park with a bar which can’t open due to COVID-19 and a roadhouse about seven kilometres away. The town had a population of 146 at the last census but still has a medical centre and a police  station. Not much at all.

The South Australian Government imposed the lockdown on Tuesday at 6.00pm (it’s now Wednesday lunchtime) for seven days. The restrictions on us are onerous. We are unable to continue The Big Trip and are now uncertain what the Northern Territory Government will do about people crossing the state border from SA.

Here’s a link to Woomera  on WIkipedia.

The lockdown travel restrictions only allow five reasons to be moving about and of course none of the apply to us :-

  • To shop for essentials – medicines, food, fuel, etc.
  • To provide or receive care.
  • To have a COVID-19 test or vaccinations.
  • If you are an essential worker – Ambulance, Fire Brigade, medical worker, etc.
  • To exercise for no more than two hours within 6.5 kilometres of home.

As you can see we don’t fit any of those categories so we are somewhat stuck until the lockdown is over.

Oh well that’s it from us for the time being. We hope that the post will be from the Northern Territory when The Big Trip is back on the road.


One thought on “And COVID-19 Strikes Again”

  1. Wow, Mark! Hoping you and your wife will have a short stay at that location and that you’ll be back on the road very soon! Stay safe!

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